The Association of Slovenian wineries and wine exporters is voluntary, non-profit, independent association with the aim of integration and joint promotion of Slovenian wines and Slovenian wine culture on foreign markets. Since the beginning, we have been funded entirely by membership subscriptions and income from our activities. The purpose of the Association is integration of Slovenian wineries and wine exporters, to encourage them to cooperate and work together to find and seize the opportunities. Association wants to prove that even small country but high quality wines export can be successful and therefore inspire other business and the general public.

The Association offering consists of relevant and informative business presentations as inspirational and learning platforms delivered in the format of:

• The organization of joint appearances on fairs, tastings and presentations in different countries
• Organizing meetings, conferences for Association members in Slovenia and abroad
• Organizing breakfasts, business lunches, economic briefings and evening networking
• Communication with diplomatic missions, government, business clubs, chambers of commerce and companies abroad
• Informing, advising, educating members and the public
• Preparation and editing Association website
• Preparation and publication of educational books and other literature in foreign languages
• Promote Slovenian tourism and Slovenian wine roads
• Organize business delegations to foreign markets
• Support and promote information exchange between Slovenian wineries and wine exporters
• Awards for special achievements
• Get support from local municipal and central government

All activities can also be assigned for non-members, to help to extend creditable purpose of the Association.
Our three core functions are encompassed in our three-pillar mission statement:

• Building Networks - Provide a diverse and inclusive network to build opportunities for Slovene wineries and international organizations
• Connecting Businesses - Encourage Slovene wineries  export 
• Creating Opportunities - Provide our member companies, and executives throughout their organizations, with practical support and advice, delivered via a range of scheduled events, on-line communities and to share knowledge and expertise.

Connect Share Promote:

• Connect members with other members
• Connect members with other local business leaders
• Share members’ knowledge skills and experience with other members
• Share partners’ knowledge and information
• Share our own local knowledge and information with members
• Share information with third parties and partners to help support members
• Promote the business interests of members
• Promote the Slovenia -Inernational commercial exchange and investment
• Promote member businesses to international markets
• Promote Slovenia as an investment destination
Export routes for products of Slovenian origin
The Association will develop a registry of wines, publications, awards of every member.
The Association will each year prepare a list of activities and intended plan for administrative and business actions, necessary for the entrance to the foreign market, advise the Members how to carry out the process (documents, certificates…).

Support for Slovenian identity abroad
Support to the Slovenian identity is one of Association and Members’ core goals. Irrespective of where and how, it is vital to organize promotion of the country on basis of agreed standards and events. Association Members will carry this out upon guidelines of Association, who will form standards for marking products, promotional material. Furthermore, Association is obliged to organize Slovenian events, which will carry the Slovenian spirit worldwide, and send materials ready for publishing on the web portals and media. Such events may be simple, from dinners to picnics, larger meetings, or parties and events..

Communication with diplomatic missions, business/bank clubs, chambers of economy and specific companies abroad
The Association will present itself and try to establish permanent relations with as many clubs, chambers, diplomatic missions, companies and individuals as possible and communicate with them on regular basis in order to obtain information for its members.

Promote Slovenian tourism and Slovenian wine roads
The Association will organize guided tours through Slovenia's wine regions and other Slovenian touristic treasures.


Association of Slovenian wineries and wine exporters
Arja vas 19, 3301 Petrovče